Wholesale & Retail Businesses


Wholesale and retail businesses, which struggle for sales growth under
the tight customer pressure, need operations management initiatives in order to:
  • Improve
    the customer experience journey.
  • Recognize
    and take advantage of any potential revenue opportunity.
  • Decrease
    the sales-related and purchasing costs.
Bedor EXCEM plays a key role in the achievement of
the aforementioned objectives by supporting the clients in:
  • Salesforce skills
    improvement, in order to achieve consistency to high performance service levels.
  • Resources planning
    and activities scheduling to maximize the productive time and cover the buyer segments demand under an optimum way.
  • Design & implementation
    of working procedures that are simple and focused at the front line.
  • Performance
    measurement and incentives systems aligned to business targets and current priorities.
  • Procedures preparation
    and training on complaints handling.
  • Systemization
    of the knowledge transfer and skills training on best practices.
  • Setting clear objectives
    at all organizational layers.
  • Tracking on agreed KPI’s
    to ensure outcomes are in line with expectations and provide early warning of variances.
  • Structured & regular
    reviews that are cascaded through the organizational structure.
  • Establishing
    a culture of accountability paired with the development of managerial skills.