Other Services


Parallel to the core programs on Business Re-engineering and Productivity Management, in Bedor EXCEM we develop specialized initiatives that support our clients on:

Budget Planning & Control, and Costing Systems development.

Following the basic principles of practical approach and in-depth analysis, we enhance the technical background of the Budgeting & Costing processes, while training our client Executives on the usage of the new tools within their real-world conditions and constraints.

Through these Bedor EXCEM programs, we deliver robust customized toolkits to control Budget and Control parameters, under all possible perspectives (business line, business unit, customer type, product type etc.).

Additionally, the installed Budget/Costing systems provide functions of scenario planning and sensitivity analysis, which strengthen the decision making capability of our clients Executive Management
The fusion of the Productivity Management Systems with the Budgeting & Costing Systems,

leads to an upgrade in the corporate planning & control mechanisms, thus, boosting the organizational improvement potential.