Meet Our Team


  • Group CEO
    Dominique SERVAJEAN

    Dominique worked in several financial companies before joining an American multinational specializing in productivity in 1986. He worked as a consultant through most Western European countries in the fields of operations and analysis, the last few years as Manager of Operations. In 1994 he became a partner of the Spanish Unit of the Bedor EXCEM Company. Since then he has worked in all fields: analysis, operations, sales, training and management.

    In 1996 he started the Greek Bedor EXCEM branch, later on the Bulgarian one and from there works mostly in the Balkans were he helps C.E.O.'s to optimize their businesses. Dominique has a Master of Business Administration in Banking and Finance from the Sorbonne - Paris I University, Paris.

    He and his wife Dimitra have three children.

  • Unit Director

    Before joining Bedor EXCEM, Yannis worked in diverse Managerial Positions in Manufacturing, Commercial and Law firms, while, in parallel, he conducted extensive research on Optimization & Computational Intelligent Methods.

    In Bedor EXCEM, for over a decade, Yannis has been involved in the fields of Operations and Diagnostic Analysis, working mainly in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania.

    Currently he is the Managing Director of the Greek branch of Bedor EXCEM.

    Yannis holds an MBA and a diploma in Production Engineering & Management.

    He is married and has two children.

    Giannis is based in Athens, Greece.

  • Director of Operations
    Philip SPANOS

    Philip has worked in manufacturing and service industries for 30 years in Europe, Canada and the Middle East, experienced in operations, business analysis, and project management. As a seasoned management consultant, he is passionate about systemically advancing the effectiveness and productivity of people and organisations.

    Driven by a mission to improve and automate processes, Philip is best known for applying common sense and simplicity to resolving complex business issues while delivering practical solutions. His commitment to improve is changing the way manufacturing and distribution handle daily activities and reporting.

    In addition to a degree in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics and Business, he also holds a Masters in Information Management from City University, London. Outside the office, Philip enjoys nature, music, technology and time with friends and family.

  • Unit CEO
    Manuel De Oliveira

    Manuel Oliveira has a Master in Mechanical Engineering at Aalborg University in Denmark, with specialty in Industrial Operations. Worked as Engineer at Aalborg Shipyards and joined in 1983 an American consultancy company specializing in productivity increase. In 1989 he started EXCEM Portugal and is the Managing Director of the Unit. As productivity increase consultant has worked in Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East.

    Manuel helps CEO´s and General Management to increase the profitability of their companies, through sales increase and operations cost reduction. Manuel strongly pursues the empowering of client´s management and floor employees, with knowledge and skills of operations optimization and communication. Being this one of key aspects to attain smooth, fast and supreme objectives. Manuel has 3 daughters.

  • Accounts Executive
    Jason PAPPAS

    Jason has worked locally and internationally in Sales and Sales Training managerial positions in various Greek and multinational companies in the fields of FMCG, Telecoms and Retail before joining the Bedor EXCEM group of companies in 2016.

    With academic background in Marketing, Jason is holding an M.B.A, a Six Sigma Black Belt and has run optimization projects in many Sales related fields.

    He believes that results do not simply derive from the invested resources but as well from the way you use your resources.

    He has four children and lives in Greece.

  • Accounts Executive
    Anton PASHOV

    Before joining Bedor EXCEM in the beginning of 2016 as Accounts Executive for Bulgaria and North Macedonia, Anton has worked for 12 years in research institutes and universities with focus on the EU, development and multilateral trading system.

    For for more than 6 years he has managed a program of technical assistance to Bulgaria funded by the US, and for more than 10 years he has been holding various positions with responsibilities ranging from foreign investment regulation to Design and Management of multiple EU- and Japan-funded projects and representation of Bulgaria in working groups and committees related to EU’s MARCO POLO, TRACECA and Motorways-of-the Sea programs and to the BSEC organization.

    Anton has an MA in Economics, an MA in International Economic Relations and a Ph.D. in World Economy.

  • Director of Operations
    Charis MACHAIRAS

    After some years in the Financial Industry as a trainer and a coacher, Charis joined Bedor EXCEM in 2006. Since then, as a senior consultant first, then Project Manager and finally Manager of Operations, he has been optimizing and improving the Operations of all types of organizations, from all fields. Charis has as well a great international experience since he has been successfully managing projects in numerous countries such as Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

    He believes that, when it comes to Re-Engineering and Productivity increase, “the most important thing is, to make things happen and to make things happen, you need to get everybody involved first!” He holds a Master’s in Business Administration.

  • Profiter Consulting South America CEO
    Decio MAHLOW

    Decio believes that "people make mistakes not because they want to but because they don't know how to proceed" so, as he says, "Training is the right path". Decio began in consulting business in 1982 with an American multinational company specializing in Productivity. He has implemented an extensive number of projects in all areas of the business, from Analysis to Training, in Europe, North and South America, mainly in Brazil.

    Decio started Profiter Consulting in 2000 in Brazil and joined the Bedor EXCEM group of companies in 2007.

    He is graduated in Business Administration (Sao Paulo - Brazil), is married and has three children.