Heavy and light manufacturing constitute a cost-driven domain, with cash flow improvement to express one of the the top priorities of each company in this domain. Bedor EXCEM contributes on multiple operational aspects, in order to ensure operational excellence and minimization of the incurred costs.

Operationally, the targets pursuit ranges along the following indicative domains:
  • Improvement
    of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (quality, performance & availability).
  • Increase of throughput and yield, paired with reduction of capital expenditure and maximization of asset utilization.
  • Reduction
    of production, maintenance, procurement, subcontracting, logistics and other sales/admin costs.
  • Optimization
    of the order to cash cycle.
The Bedor EXCEM initiatives hit a wide spectrum of improvement opportunities related to:
  • Planning
    Capacity planning and resources scheduling.
  • Process
    Optimization & Standardization

    Activities & quality standardization, optimization of batch sizes and changeovers, bottleneck tackling, layout organization.
  • Productivity & Process Control
    Schedule attainment, machine downtimes and utilization, direct labor productivity, process rework, over-production, over-processing, quality rejections, material scrap and waste, waiting time.
  • Inventory Management
    Reduction of inventory levels (stock, work-in-progress, queues) and dispatch of the inventories in a timely manner.
  • Supervisory Skills
    Making assignments, giving directions, follow-up, providing feedback, giving help and problem solving, analyzing reports.
  • Workforce skills
    Quality sustainability, performance improvement, elimination of repeated failures.