Logistics & Warehousing


The companies offering Logistics & Warehousing services live under strong competition, with cost control and activities standardization to constitute top operational priorities.

Bedor EXCEM helps in many domains, with most indicative the following ones:
  • Optimization of the fleet utilization, by achieving workable and productive vehicle routing and scheduling.
  • Improvement of the order fulfillment and delivery performance, by building a streamlined Supply Chain.
  • Space usage optimization.
  • Establishment of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Activity-Based Costing implementation driving to payroll productivity increase.
  • Training on adaptation and rapid respond to customer needs changes.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and shortages.
  • Facilitation of the full implementation of the existing warehouse management systems and enhancement of their functional features.
  • Enhancement of the Managerial skills of executives with responsibilities in various organizational layers.