How We Add Value

We add value by making lasting and tangible changes on processes, systems, and people skills & behavior, which are aligned with our clients’ needs and priorities.
In one hand, we help organizations to reveal and grasp their current optimization opportunities, by rapid operational changes. On the other hand, we prepare our clients for their future challenges, by installing advanced management processes & systems and an innovative managerial & organizational behavior.

With an extensive breadth and depth of expertise in Operational Transformation, Productivity and Cost Management Systems, we foster a highly efficient operating environment, leading to a positive impact on both the top line (revenue increase) and the bottom line (cost control).
Technically, by utilizing a wide operations management toolkit and customizing it according to the case-sensitive features of each company, we extend the existing operational capabilities, while in parallel, we strengthen the managerial competency of our clients’ executives in order to become more effective in planning, organizing, leading and controlling in their area of responsibility.

End-to-end process redesign, lead time reduction, waste and constraints removal, line balancing and right-sizing, capacity and supply chain optimization, inventory optimization, skills development, and operations simplification are only a few of the key levers that are activated to deliver productivity uplift, cost reduction, increased sales margins and volumes, improved responsiveness to customer demands, customer experience enhancement and better asset utilization.
  • Working on-the-floor, side-by-side, with the key people of our clients, we deploy an intensive one-to-one coaching scheme that ensures the realization of the agreed changes and the effective knowhow transfer on specific managerial methods.
  • Parallel to coaching, formal classroom training sessions set the basis on diverse theoretical methodological frameworks, while facilitating the nurture of a novel organizational culture.
  • At Bedor EXCEM, we strongly believe that the Human Element is the focal point of each company and deserves special attention from day one, thus, we approach the human side of the operations improvement.
Critical to the whole change process is the fusion of our consultants’ expertise with the domain-specific experience of the frontline staff; this mix enables the deployment of unique solutions that speed up the performance optimization process.