Banking & Insurance Services


Banking & Insurance companies compete in a market where customer retention and sales growth are key variables for their long term success.

At Bedor EXCEM, we understand that our contribution, as a priority, must be oriented to the following issues:
  • Simplification of the service delivery processes and reduction of the Lead Time.
  • Reduction of non-value added activities, failure demand and double handling.
  • Reduction of the work backlogs.
  • Establishment of service level management and SLA monitoring.
  • Transparency on schedule parameters, in order to make clear to everybody how much progress is needed everyday and with how many resources.
  • Improvement of the cross-functional employees’ skills and breakdown of the organizational silos.
  • Systematic codification (in procedures) of the best practices and transfer of the knowledge to all employees involved.
  • Establishment of formal training and coaching for the preparation of skillful leaders.
  • Early highlight of the occurring delays, so as to recover the schedule with minimum effort.
  • Clarity in roles, responsibilities & accountabilities, paired with minimization of the organizational layers and optimization of the corresponding span of control.
  • Clear procedures on specifications & system functionalities for all activities related to each working position.
  • Optimization of the information flows between departments.